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Comparison of TV Streaming Services 2016

If you are planning to cut the cord, there are some really well-known names in the TV streaming arena. Each of them have been wooing the consumers by upgrading their interfaces, providing a better selection of entertainment, and what not, at an affordable price. So, which are those services that have got the right mix to be worthy of your subscription this year? Here are the top contenders.



No introductions are needed here. This is the big daddy of streaming services. What started as a DVD delivery service has now transformed itself into one of the most popular streaming services. There is no record of exactly how many movies are listed on this platform. But, it is certainly in terms of hundreds of thousands. When it comes to TV shows, Netflix was not the best service to opt for, but now it has started offering shows that are exclusively aired on Netflix. These include the likes of House of Cards, Orange in the New Black, and others. The quality of original content on Netflix has been highly acclaimed by the audiences and the critics alike.

Anyone can sign up for a Netflix account by paying a monthly fee of just $9. There is also a platinum pack offered by the service that gives the subscriber access to their bouquet of 4K content and also the ability to stream content on up to four devices at once.

Since Netflix is one of the pioneers in the streaming industry, it is available on almost all kinds of streaming devices. Whether it is a gaming console, or a smartphone, Netflix is available on all of them. The Netflix app is also available in all the app stores.

A big factor that adds to the appeal of Netflix is the fact that it has been ad-free. Also, the user interface of Netflix has been optimized over the years to make it really easy to navigate. The recommendation system is pretty good too.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

This is not a shocker either. When Amazon started its own streaming service, people had high expectations from it and Amazon did not disappoint. The streaming service from Amazon is pretty neat. Earlier, the collection of media on Prime was nowhere near Netflix. But, thanks to brand Amazon, the service has signed partnerships with the likes of Warner Bros. Now, the Amazon Prime library offers an impressive array of entertainment to its subscribers. The service quality is similar to Netflix, with a lot of movies and shows on offer. Amazon Prime also includes many original series in its lineup, including Transparent, Mozart in the Jungle, Alpha House, and so on.

Amazon Prime formerly used to offer only an annual subscription of $99 (which comes out to be $8.25 per month). On the other hand, the monthly membership is being offered at $10.99.

This service is also easily available on all kinds of devices you can think of. There are also added perks of subscribing to Amazon Prime. You get free two-day shipping on your Amazon orders. If you frequently make purchases online, this is absolutely the best service to go for.

Hulu Plus

Hulu came into existence when media giants like Fox, NBC Universal, and Disney-ABC came together in 2007. Initially introduced as a free service, Hulu enjoyed massive support from the viewers. This is the service to go to if you are looking for a service to watch television shows. Most of the other streaming services make television shows available much later the live telecast of the season on cable. But with Hulu Plus, subscribers get to watch TV shows within days or even hours of it airing on television. 

The service costs $7.99 per month, but even the premium version of Hulu Plus comes with ads. There is an advertisement at 10-minute intervals, which might get annoying for some users. But, it is not very different from watching TV on cable, but much cheaper. Hulu Plus is available on all kinds of devices. This is really the service to go for if you are a TV buff.

Sling TV

Slingtv take back tv

Sling TV is the service to go for when you want the flexibility of a streaming service, plus the content delivery of cable television. This ideal combination comes for a premium price of $20 a month fee. The one thing that distinguishes it from other streaming services is the access to sports channels like ESPN.

Moreover, Sling TV comes with none of the installation costs or contracts. So, basically there are absolutely no hassles of a cable connection, but the subscribers can enjoy more than 200 channels in around 18 languages. Sling TV does not do really well in terms of availability to the users. The Sling TV app works only on Apple devices, Xbox One, Roku TV, and Amazon Fire TV Stick.


Youtube ad free

This has to be the most popular platform for streaming free videos on the internet. The site hosts a dizzying array of content. You can practically find videos on anything and everything on YouTube. The platform is really easy to navigate, but just because of the volume of content, it may be difficult to find exactly you want quickly. The best way is to subscribe to your favorite channels so that once you find a YouTuber, you like, so that whenever they post a new video, you get a notification. The collection of movies on YouTube is not as extensive as other services either.

There is also an on-demand premium service from YouTube, wherein you can rent or even buy movies. These can range anywhere from $0.99 to $19.99.

You can run YouTube on any and every device. The only requisite is an active internet connection.


Which service suits you best depends on the type of content you enjoy. If you like to binge watch television shows, then Hulu Plus is the best service for you. If you are a movie buff, Amazon Prime and Netflix should be your pick. Try Sling TV if you want the cable experience for a better price and added convenience. However, if you are looking for free content or movies to buy, services like YouTube should be your thing. 

You can find more information about the Best TV Streaming services by clicking here.

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New Television Service Provider

Technology is prevalent in most homes across the United States. Television, in particular, is extremely popular and one of the oldest and most enduring forms of electronic entertainment that has withstood the decades. There are countless people who watch TV; the market for the industry is huge. There are 100 million television households, 35 million of them watch satellite, 48 million watch cable, seven million are LEC customers, 21 million are cable cutters, and 40 million consumers use Netflix. There are, of course, connected devices like ROKU and Apple, and connected televisions like the Vizio and the Samsung. Recently ESPN found that there have been three million disconnects in the past year alone. There are multiple reasons for this. Many people are beginning to consider cable as too expensive a luxury and are dropping it and others, particularly Millennials, are finding new more tech-savvy and inexpensive ways to watch their favorite programs.

future technology new ways to stream live television

Currently some of the leading television companies are DIRECTV, Dish Network, Comcast XFINITY, AT&T, and Time Warner Cable. There is a completely new television service set to launch in the United States sometime in November. The service will contain live local channels, like like NBC, ABC, Fox, and CBS; national content providers such as Discovery, Scripps, and Disney-ABC; premium services like Showtime, Starz, and HBO; Sports programming such as local content, professional, and collegiate; music videos and music channels, and VOD—movies—including first run titles.

DIRECTV offers premium channels like HBO, in addition to DIRECTV HD Extra Pack, DOGTV, Playboy TV, Showtime, VIVID TV, Starz, and PENTHOUSE TV. DIRECTV offers Sports packages like Sunday Ticket, MLB Extra Innings, DIRECTV Sports Pack, and MLS. There are many packages at various prices. The initial price and package is 145 channels for $19.99, there are also packages for $34.99 for 220 channels, $39.99 for 240 channels, and $89.99 for 315 channels.

Dish Network offers local channels like ABC, the CW, and CBS, as well as over 200 channels in HD, specialty channels like Sony Movie Channel, GMC, Baby TV, Epix, The Blaze, Playboy TV, and Encore. Dish has featured sports channels like NFL, and NFL REDZONE, Goal Line, and BTN. For $19.99 Dish offers 55 channels, and the $39.99 package offers 290 channels.

 has the standard networks like ABC, CBS, and Fox. It has premium channels such as Showtime, Starz, The Movie Channel, Cinemax, and HBO. XFINITY has 3D and HD program options. TV Packages start at $49.99 for about 400 television channels.

new technology tv

AT&T U-verse offers channels like ABC, ABC Family, Discovery, Fox, and others. It features premium programming like Cinemax, Showtime, HBO, Starz, Encore, and epix. AT&T has HD and sports packages as well covering NBA League Pass, ESPN Full Court, Fox Soccer HD Plus, and Gameplan.

Time Warner Cable 
has HBO, The Movie Channel, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz. It offers sports packages like NBA League Pass, Center Ice, TWC Sports Pass, and Direct Kick. Time Warner Cable also offers basic channels like ABC, NBC, and CBS. Time Warner Cable
Starting at $29.99 Time Warner Cable offers 200 channels. For $49.99 200 channels are available plus Music Choice Channels and On Demand shows.

The new television provider has a media vault where home movies and pictures can be stored and delivered on the cloud. There are no contracts, no professional installations, and everyone qualifies – there are no credit checks.

The service offers a basic package at $29.99 offering 175 channels and a premium service at $49.99 with 250 channels, both sports and movies.

This new television provider can be used on many various devices, such as smart TVs, game consoles, streaming media players, set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, smartphones and tablets, and PCs and laptops. It will work on connected devices, the PC and Mac, watches, Mobile iOS and Android, and on iPads and tablets.

This new TV service does not have any extra monthly fees nor any fees for set up boxes or DVR. It has true “video on the go” not “TV everywhere.” The product is 4K ready as content becomes available. It can be activated online and there one can experience the best online customer service. An individual is free to call support regarding sales and customer service. The new TV provider supports 5 simultaneous streams per account whereas Dish Sling only has 1. The content (United States programming) and streaming rights are set to expand internationally. The product is also the lowest cost solution to deliver LIVE television to all devices and connected televisions. It has proprietary technology, national programmer, and ISP relationships.

The awesome television streaming service will launch in November of 2015 in 15-20 markets in the USA. In 2016 the remaining markets will be launched, providing full United States coverage. Fall of 2016 marks the launch of international markets.

future television technology

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New Television Technology

Every year or two people expect to be wowed by the latest breakthroughs in technology geared specifically for entertainment. There is a lot going on in that department, because that is what people want and what they will pay for. New television technology in particular has seen a lot of revolutionary new developments recently, all of which are geared towards improving the quality of entertainment people get. Who doesn’t want better colors, sharper charity, lighter and bigger screens, and the amazing new technology which comes along with it all, making new and greater things possible? As technology advances the horizon of possibilities does too, and the way which we enjoy our favorite movies and TV shows becomes increasingly more vivid and realistic.

One of the new television technological terms on the scene is called “4K resolution” also known as UHD or Ultra High Definition, giving a new and redefined meaning to the old and simple high definition. UHD essentially means there are more pixels than HDTV, providing for higher resolution. Exactly how many more pixels? A TV with 4K resolution has at least 3840×2160 pixels. There also exists the “4Kx2K” which has a resolution of 4096×2160 pixels. The frame rates are also higher and the color is better and more realistic than regular HDTV.

OLED television technology is also new, it stands for organic light-emitting diodes. OLED is a step above regular LED televisions because they are lighter, thinner, and have a better picture. Each individual pixel can be turned off or on, making the contrast ratio genuinely infinite and providing for the possibility of absolute black.

Quantum dot technology is also relatively new and here to produce better colors and brighter images; they are essentially very small particles which produce different colors depending on individual size; each size produces a different wavelength of color. Quantum dot technology is semiconductor nanocrystal technology and it allows for deeper blacks and better image uniformity. The colors are similar to those of OLED television technology, but quantum dot technology is also generally cheaper. Unlike quantum dots, however, OLED allows for better contrast, absolute black, and wider viewing angles than quantum dots.


The other exciting aspect of this new television technology is that you can combine different aspects of technology together. For example, quantum dot technology can be combined with 4K resolution for an even more advanced and high-tech television. Another possibility is HDR which can be combined with OLED.

HDR stands for high dynamic range. An HDR television allows for a greater contrast ratio than other ordinary televisions, making for an even better picture. HDR televisions provide brighter whites and darker blacks, especially when coupled with OLED. With HDR there is a wider range of light, plus extra brightness.

The possibilities are ever growing, these are just some of the latest inventions in television technology. Next year there will be even more breakthroughs, and who knows how we will enjoy entertainment in a decade from now. The sure thing is that technology will continue to evolve and revolutionize the way society experiences entertainment.



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This service also provides free Parental Controls that can help you keep tabs on who your children are networking with. These Controls allow you to block undesirable content to keep your kids on the sites you want them on.

When you get ready to make your calls, Time Warner Cable Home Phone services can provide easy digital access to all of your friends and family. You can make all of your calls to any location in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada for a set monthly rate. This rate never changes no matter how many calls you make, or how long you talk.

This same low rate can also provide up to ten digital calling features, available at your fingertips for no additional charge. These calling features include Call Forwarding, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Three Way Calling and up to six more.

These calling features make it easy to manage and receive your calls on your schedule.

When you want to watch  TV at the end of a long, hard day at work, you can do it with Time Warner Cable Digital TV. This service provides you with FREE HD channels and standard definition that comes in digital clarity through the Advanced Optics Network.

You can catch your shows from your programming package, or record them to your DVR. Time Warner Cable offers a DVR or HD-DVR. The DVR can record in standard definition and the HD-DVR can record in standard and HD. These devices can record from multiple channels at one time, and play back recorded programming while they record more.

If you don’t record it on the DVR, you can check the On Demand menu. This menu offers more than 10,000 viewing selections to choose from, 24/7. These selections include movies, music videos, children’s shows, and instant access to newly released movies.


The DVR can add benefits for the programming stored to it, and for the programming and new releases you get from On Demand. With a DVR, you can rewind, pause and fast forward these shows, giving you more control over what you watch and when.

With Time Warner Cable Digital TV, you get the programs you are paying for and the benefit of watching them when you want to.

When you need to get all of these services at the same time, do it with Time Warner Cable. They offer Bundled service packages that provide more convenience and affordability.

Comcast Promotions For New Customers

Comcast can provide everything you need for programming, internet and home phone services in a single monthly package. This single monthly package can give you a single monthly bill to pay, instead of three bills to three separate provides. Ask about a Bundled service package that can give you monthly discounts and the great convenience of online bill pay for three services at one time. Comcast can provide money and time-saving features for your household and monthly budget. Hop over to for the current Comcast promotions.

Comcast can give you the fastest internet service around, with 105 Mbps. This service is available with WiFi that can support several devices at one time. This makes it possible to log on with a tablet, or laptop, or another portable device. With these devices, you can enjoy the online programming that Comcast makes available. There are a lot of shows to watch.

turn your tablet into a personal tv screen

There are benefits to choosing Comcast, other than reliable, high-speed broadband. This service comes with free online security that will help prevent hackers from getting your personal information. It can also block malware, like trojans, bots and spyware. Constant Guard has Parental Controls that provide a safer online environment by helping you block sites you don’t want your children to visit and by allowing you to monitor online activities.

Comcast can also provide peace of mind in the form of Secure Backup, which allows you to store your important documents and photos online, safely. This way, your computer’s hard drive isn’t the only place you have important files stashed.

Comcast provides a calling plan that offers unlimited local and long distance calling within the US, Canada and Puerto Rico, all for a set monthly rate. This rate also covers the calling features you need to make and manage your important calls. Comcast is an international provider, as well, giving you Carefree Minutes for international texting on your mobile.

usa netflix

You have even more programming options than ever, with standard, HD and 3D formatting. Watch new movie releases in any of these, and get a superior experience. Check out the large selection of On Demand and Pay Per View for live action, Hollywood releases and more. Give your children the benefit of family channels like Disney and Nickelodeon. Get access to sports networks like the NFLRedzone, the MLB and ESPN, or watch HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and Starz.

When you won’t be home, record them to the DVR and HD-DVR. This equipment can record this programming, then play it back for you, when you are ready to watch it. It also helps you navigate through this programming with the rewind, fast forward and pause functions. These functions also work for the programming you can find through On Demand and Pay Per View.

shows streaming on the x1

You can use the on-screen guide for navigating channels, and setting Parental Controls. The Parental Controls and the guide are easy to use, providing a safer, faster and more user-friendly viewing environment. Everyone wins with the current Comcast Deals, because Comcast provides something for everyone in the home, no matter the age group.

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There are several varying speeds that Charter Internet offers. Charter Internet Lite is a great online speed for novices to the world wide web. Enjoy fast online connections that are essential for email, surfing the net, and more. For even more speed, sign up for Charter Internet Express.

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tv raitings mean little

TV Ratings Mean Little

Ever since ratings for movies came out, people have wondered about changing the rating system.  What is currently rated PG or PG-13 may have been R 20 to 30 years ago, and today’s R rating would have kept many movies out of the theater.

tv shows raitings

TV rating systems, however, have changed little in the same amount of time, even with the rapidly changing movie rating system. Changing TV ratings would be somewhat moot at this point, especially with the advent of satellite TV and higher availability of cable programming.

raitings on tv

Consider some of the average cable and satellite television programs available today.  Reality trash TV such as “Jersey Shore,” “Teen Mom” and “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” clearly may not be appropriate for younger audiences, but the same channels that produce these shows frequently have shows featuring live births and other acts of nature.  These shows may feature a warning or caveat at the beginning of the program, but outside of the brief information on the screen, very little else is said about the program’s content.

law and order

Granted, some of the premium programming channels still maintain a more strict rating system, but these premium channels are completely optional.  The optional aspect of the premium channels means the production companies have considerably more leeway in creating programs for different audiences.  If premium channel wishes to market to adults, they may do so freely. 

Changing the current system of TV ratings seems almost moot in the face of what is in current production and airing.  As long as families can tune into shows such as “South Park” and “Family Guy” and be warned ahead of time of the content, changing TV ratings will do no more good than the Parental Advisory labels of the 1990’s.