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“Glee Project” Moves To Thursday Nights

It has only been two weeks since the end of third season for the “Glee Project”. Now, FOX is promoting the fourth season, and the show’s move to Thursday nights, all in a new promo.

glee main character

The promo is thirty seconds long. It gives a glimpse at what viewers will see from during the fourth season, and it offers footage from the end of the third season.

The third season left viewers with questions, such as who stays and who goes? Viewers also wanted to know where Will and Emma’s wedding would be held, if Sue would give birth, or would the birth photos be on a magazine in September? According to reliable sources, all of these questions, and more would be answered when the show comes back on in September.

The season three finale left too many things in the air to satisfy dedicated viewers. Kurt, played by Chris Colfer, failed to get his acceptance to his university of choice, while his Rachel, played by Lea Michele, got in easily, due to her performance at the Nationals. So, viewers want to know what will happen with Kurt.

As of now, it has been decided that all of the actors from season three will return. There are currently discussions being held as to who will be regulars on the series, and who will play recurring roles. So far, Lea Michele, Chris Colfer and Cory Monteith are all returning for season four on a regular basis.

glee club members

Kevin Reilly, the President for FOX Entertainment, said that Naya Rivera, Mark Salling, Amber Riley and Dianna Argron are all in talks to determine if they will return as regulars on the series, or as recurring roles.

Ryan Murphy, co-creator for the show, said that he did give everyone the opportunity to move on. He spoke in a recent interview, saying that he met with the whole cast, and offered the opportunity to do other things. He asked if anybody wanted to stay with the show. During that meeting, it was decided that Matthew Morrison, Jane Lynch and Jayma Mays, who played staff members for McKinley High, will also return for the fourth season.

create the ultimate choir on glee forever

But, Murphy added, that doesn’t mean that everyone from season three will be appearing in all 22 episodes of season four. He did say that everyone wants to stay withing the family that has been created with the show. He said they could stay, and that they have been offered that home if they want it. But that if they have plans, or something they want to explore, or different things they want to do while having a home within the “Glee” cast, they have that option, as well.

This is a similar experience to last season. At the end of season two, Harry Shum Jr. and Darren Criss were both seen on a reoccurring basis. At the end of season two, they were both promoted to full time.

Under the current schedule, “Glee” will return for the fall season, at 9:00 pm, on Thursday nights.

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Shawn Ryan Back With New Show “Last Resort”

Shawn Ryan, known for his roles in “The Shield”, “Terriers” and “The Chicago Code”, is back for another role in “Last Resort”, a new drama on ABC.

The show is centered around a US nuclear submarine, the USS Colorado, whose crew is left without a home, when the captain, played by Andre Braugher, refuses a direct order to fire nuclear missiles. After his failure to obey the order, the crew and the sub are hunted for its contents, and for the court marshal of its captain. That is, unless the government can sink the submarine first. The betrayal the crew faced by its own government was enough to send it to find safe harbor among locals of the region.

last resort preview

The submarine is piloted to a NATO outpost. Then the crew is able to declare itself the smallest nuclear nation in the world.

Due to a recent screening of the pilot episode of  “Last Resort”, details about the show are posing as fodder for the curious.

The pilot has been reported as having a little something for everyone. The cast is a complicated mix, with a resident alcoholic, tension in the workplace, and an estranged couple. Mix this in with troubled families, a botched rescue mission, government secrecy and a showdown on the island, and viewers are sure to get their share of drama, conspiracy and perhaps even relating to some of the characters.

las resort pilot

The pilot presented Scott Speedman, an actor that normally doesn’t do television, anymore. He has been seen in “Underworld”, “Barney’s Version” and “State of the Union”. As a cast member on “Last Resort”, Speedman plays Sam, a man that has to leave his wife behind when the crew on the sub escapes and declares itself a nation. His wife is played by Jessy Schram. Other actors on the show, currently, are Dichen Lachman, Max Adler, Autumn Reeser and Robert Patrick.

last resort shaw ryan


The pilot is action-packed from the time the show starts to the time it ends. There is no build-up to the drama. From the time the episode comes on, viewers are carried through the action, all the way to the end of the show, when the crew of the sub finally finds an island. The island of St. Marina is overtaken by the desperate crew, and its up to them to make sure their government knows they are not to be taken lightly.

Trailers for the show have been released. For viewers that have seen the trailers on cable tv and want more, the good news is that the writers for the show have already started work on future episodes. Recently, Ryan Shaw, Karl Gajdusek, a writer for the show, and Speedman, Braugher, Schram and Patrick, all sat down to discuss their roles on the show, at length. During the discussions, the characters and the storyline for the show was talked about. It sounds like the writers and crew for “Last Resort” are settling in to stay for a while. With such a rich and talented cast of actors, the show could be an instant success.

last resort cast

Thailand Government Not Happy with Lady Gaga’s Tweet


Lady Gaga struck a nerve in the Thailand Government as they express displeasure with her tweet about purchasing a fake designer watch in a Bangkok street market.  The government has complained to the US concerning the incident.

Bangkok’s outdoor markets and malls are inherently known for their “knock off” sales of near perfect replicas of luxury brand names imported from and also sold in China. While it is no secret that these products are available there, when Gaga tweeted this information just before her concert in Bangkok, it stirred up a hen’s nest amongst the Thais who claim the artist has tarnished the country’s reputation by suggesting that she could easily get her hands on a fake Rolex watch.

Rubbing a lot of people the wrong way over seas, the Grammy Award winner recently cancelled a concert in Indonesia after threats by conservative groups in the Philippines and South Korea, but has yet to apologize for the tweet which the Thailand Commerce Ministry claims undermines their efforts to end piracy there.

lady gaga crazy custome

A member of the Commerce Ministry in Thailand relayed his thoughts that Lady Gaga is a representative of the US and the US government puts a lot of pressure on smaller countries to promote protection of intellectual materials and products although the spokesperson requested anonymity when talking to reporters as he was not authorized to speak to media. He goes on to say that Gaga should tell her fans that they shouldn’t use fake goods.

Looks like Gaga stirred them up as they got caught with their pants down. Her comment stirred debate on Thai web and social media forums alike. There was also a protest in the Bangkok business district but when her sold out show when on Friday Night, it did not keep any of the 50,000 fans away.

thailand angry with lady gaga

Gaga’s earlier cancellation of a sold out concert in Indonesia was replaced by the performance of Titan Karisma as she parades onto the stage in a rhinestone bustier and matching pants with juggling sequined fringe to the rhythm of beating drums. Preteen kids, mostly boys, gaze on as she straddles a speaker, licks the microphone, and whips her long hair, thrusting her pelvis toward the camera and the audience.

Gaga’s onstage show in her explicit sexual content would be considered tame compared to the popular genre of music in this predominantly Muslim nation. While her performance was banned from Indonesia, thousands of young women put on performances like Karisma’s every night as they grind in smoky bars and nightclubs, on stages, at weddings, and even circumcisions.  The sexier the better as the shows go on.

lady gaga performs imagine

The banning of Gaga’s performance citing indecency as the reason highlights the double standard division between Indonesia’s largely tolerant majority and the vocal minority of Islamic hardliners. The conservatives hold influence in government there and often pick high profile fights like the one they did to get Gaga banned, but have experienced little success in getting rid of the long-standing tradition and performances of the likes of Karisma in the country.

Bad Husband But Not Criminal – John Edwards Trial

The jury in the North Carolina trial of Senator and former Presidential candidate, John Edwards, rendered a not guilty verdict to the count of campaign finance misconduct and were hung in a deadlock on the other four counts last week. The judge was forced to declare a mistrial on the deadlocked charges.

In post interviews in which some of the jurors participated, it was not clear that they fully understood their charge, only to say that there was not enough evidence.  The mostly black woman jury seems to lend a sympathetic ear to the charges and the senator.  It was obvious the defense hit pay dirt on their selection of the jurors.

john edwards

A two-time presidential candidate, Edwards was accused of using close to one million dollars in funds from wealthy contributors to finance his cover up of an affair he had that resulted in an illegitimate child during his run for the White House in 2008.  He was found not guilty on 3 of the 6 charges in the indictment. That hearing only pertained to whether or not Edwards acted illegally when he received hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from a wealthy heiress, “Bunny” Melton in order to cover up his sorted affair. There was enough evidence to sent the case to trial.

After the surprising verdict, Edwards gave an emotional speech on the steps of the courthouse, although he was completely silent during the trial. He admitted his immoral behavior and thanked his children, even shedding tears when his mentioned 4-year old Quinn, the child he had with mistress, Reille Hunter. Even with his tears, many find his emotions to be too little too late as his compassionate and loving wife stood by his side throughout the last years of her life as she battled cancer.  While it was obvious she pushed through the disease often not feeling well, she was dedicated to his cause while he was carrying on the frivolous affair behind her back.

Cate, the senator’s oldest daughter now thirty years old, stood by her father’s side throughout the ordeal, much to onlooker’s dismay. She was charged by Elizabeth Edwards to care for their other two young children after their mother’s death, seeing them off to school every day. It is astonishing that she would take this stand after the death of her mother, almost seems disrespectful.  It must be true that apples don’t fall far from the tree.

john edwards I did an awful thing

The senator went on to say he did not believe he did anything illegal. What would you call it then? Edwards did admit what he did was wrong, but not illegal. He verbally acknowledged responsibility for his indiscretions only after the fact when he was cleared.

The courtroom was in a confused state when the jury came out after 9 days of deliberations only to return to the chambers for more deliberations. The counts that pertained to two main wealthy contributors and the fact that there were false statements of the same were in question. One hour later the jury returned the hung verdict on those five counts.

While some professionals say that there was no smoking gun, we are talking about politicians here, and it no secret how generations of them have been known to squeak by affairs and misconduct in horrific cover-ups throughout the years, including many former US Presidents. While many scholars think he was guilty, proving the tangled web beyond a reasonable doubt was the key.

john edwards former presidential candidate

While the verdict of the trial may have cleared Edwards from his charges and while it may seem his family stands by his side, his fall from grace will haunt him for the rest of his days.  There is always a consequence to one’s actions, good or bad, and there will be a pay day for John Edwards.

emily bachelorette

Emily Continues Her Quest For Love

On this week’s episode of “The Bachelorette,” Chris gets the first one on one date.  The two are very comfortable as they hold hands and stroll through the streets of Downtown Charlotte. The date includes a climb of a tall building in order to reach their dinner destination. Lightening and thunder frighten the bachelorette as it is striking in the sky, and Chris comforts Emily as they make it to the top.

Emily tells the bachelor that she would be hesitant to approach him in a bar due to his inherent good looks. Emily questions him about his last relationship and is stunned when he tells her he is only 25 years old, a possible red flag. Chris offers his assurance that while he is young, he is mature and ready to be a family.  Emily likes him and gives him the date rose. They continue their date as they dance to the performance of Luke Bryan, ending their night with a mutual kiss.

emily the bachelorette holmstead ranch

The group date was interesting to say the least as the guys meet Emily in the park.  They also met Emily’s closest friends who she solicits to help her pick the best dads from the group. The question and answer sessions are brutal for the guys, especially when one of her friends makes Sean remove his shirt and give them some pushups with her on his back.

The real test comes when Ems unleashes a bunch of kids for the guys to entertain and interact with. Jeff and Sean were very playful with the kids as Ryan ditches the kids to crash the girl talk. He also makes a negative comment that she better not get fat if they marry, although the women do give him a vote along with Sean and Doug.

Emily lets Sean know that her friends like him.  Doug shares that his mom left his dad who suffered with Epilepsy and later died. His story about his sister and him being bounced around from foster home to foster home brings Ems to tears, and she is impressed how he handled it.

Tony is distraught with missing his own son and tells Ems that the day was tough on him. She finds him alone and crying so in order not to keep him away from his son any longer, she sends him home, knowing that while he is a super man and she has plenty of respect for his relationship with his son, he is just not someone she sees herself with.  Sean is elated that he gets the rose from the group date.

helicopter ride the bachelorette

Arie got the second one on one this week as the couple heads to Dollywood. Emily loves Dollywood as Arie thinks they need to win a prize for Ricki. After a few rides they head to the stage where Dolly surprises Emily with a song.  The couple dance to the song Dolly wrote just for them. Ems loves some Dolly. After a nice dinner, Emily tries to joke with Arie making him believe she is not giving him the rose, but does not follow through when she sees the look on his face. Arie gets the rose.

Emily takes Kalon aside for a private chat when he admits he thought his first child would be his own. He reacts in a condescending manner when Ems tries to say something.  She is not impressed. With advice from the girls, Travis is ditching the egg as he lets Ems smash it.

Emily gets upset with Allesandro when he calls being a father to Ricki a compromise. Earlier, he told her friends that he had cheated on an ex and had a one night stand. Emily wastes no more time with him as she escorts him to the door. When Arie sees how upset she is, he rushes to comfort her with a tender kiss that makes her feel better. Later Sean lets Ems know that his own father has given him his lessons on how to be a great dad as the two of them also sneak in a kiss.

the bachelorette

Since Emily has already sent Tony and Allesandro home, and Chris, Sean, and Arie are all safe with roses, Emily has 13 more roses to hand out. At the end of the night, it looks like Stevie won’t have to put up with Kalon any more as he is headed home.

dancing with the stars

ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” Results Show – Week 6

Adding to the contestant scores this week, the Dance Marathon at the end of the performance show allowed the teams to dance for extra points, with the judges eliminating the dancers one by one.  The longer the team remained in the dance, the more points they earned. The results were as follows:

elimination most memorable year night

  • Gladys & Tristan earned 3 additional points for a grand total of 24
  • Maria & Derek out second received 4 additional points for a total of 31
  • Roshon & Chelsie got 5 extra points for a grand total of 28
  • Melissa & Maks stay in to get 6 more points for a total of 30
  • Donald & Peta pulled out 7 additional points for a grand total of 34
  • Jaleel & Kym survived for 8 extra points for a total of 37
  • William & Cheryl almost win it with 9 additional points for a grand total of 36
  • Katherine & Mark win the marathon with 10 more points for a total of 39

dancing with stars eliminated

The grand total scores will be added to the fan votes to see who lands in the bottom two and has to dance for their lives in a duel as the judges will decide who stays and who goes home.

The week six results show begins with a Motown medley after which Jaleel and Kym are the first couple to learn that they will return next week. A real shocker in this week’s results, Derek and Maria learn they are in jeopardy along with Melissa and Maks. As the results continue, William and Cheryl find out that they are also safe for another week.

newsies broadway dancing with the stars

A special treat performance on the show in week six came as the AT&T Spotlight Performance features the story of a young performer named Michaela who was sensational at overcoming great odds in order to live out a dream to become a ballet dancer. As Natasha Bedingfield offers up a live performance singing her hit “Wild Horses,” Michaela gives a moving ballet on the ballroom floor.

Next, the Macy’s Stars of Dance wow’d the crowd as they always do.  Their dance act is followed by another crowd-stirring showing of Boys II Men as a prelude to the grueling continuance of the elimination process.

dancing with the stars

The results continue as the show reveals that Katherine and Mark will return for another week, as will Donald and Peta. Although a couple must go, it is now getting down to the nitty gritty as it is learned that Gladys and Tristan are in jeopardy and following them into that undesirable category is Roshon and Chelsie.

Next it is revealed that out of the four couples that have ended up in jeopardy of the week six results show, Melissa and Maks and Maria and Derek will be returned to the safe groups, but Gladys and Tristan along with Roshon and Chelsie will have to Jive in the dance duel to see who the judges decide to send home.

It’s time to dance as the judges feel that both teams danced well under pressure. Carrie Ann votes to keep Gladys and Tristan, but Len and Bruno decide to keep Roshon and Chelsie. Unfortunately, it’s time to say goodbye to a music legend, Gladys Knight, and her stellar showing on “Dancing With The Stars.”

ben carson on the view

This Week on “The View”

ABC’s The View began the week with the Monday episode about how obesity is getting worse in the US as guest, Paula Deen, visits with the ladies when they all danced around the other “F” word, on the “Fat Show” this week. Also on the show, Dr. Sam Klein, a leading expert in the fight for obesity revealed how fat is causing a devastating plague of heart disease, strokes, and cancer across out great country.

Dr. Klein additionally introduced two friends that fought their way back in a battle to lose 100 pounds each. Secondly, if you think fat looks bad from the outside, Dr Oz offered up the interesting revelation of how it looks on the inside as it attacks vital organs and splits apart your insides.

martin o malley on the view

Next up was Jaime Oliver, celebrity chef who interfaced with a girl who has struggled with her weight since she was a young child at the age of eight. He shares with parents and kids how to find the good stuff in their school cafeterias instead of the  loads of junk food across that is found in them across the country.

Paula Deen, is only one of the 26 million Americans who suffer from diabetes.  Dr. David Nathan stopped by The View to explain all the many ways she and others alike can survive one of the nation’s largest destroyers of human life, and how losing even a little weight can reverse it.

Monday’s show came to a close with nutrition expert, Deborah Clegg, as she sat down with the co-hosts to talk about the hot topic of the day, the things that make you fat. They discuss subject matter such as genetics, exercise, and metabolism as related to obesity.

the view on nicki minaj

Members of the studio audience were given a copy of a companion book to the HBO documentary that is crazing the nation, The Weight of the Nation.

On Tuesday’s hot topics, Facebook Ceo Mark Zuckerberg’s weird wedding photo headed up the chat.  The girls then moved onto some of the shocking jokes of Joan Rivers about Whitney Houston’s death, as well as whose freestyle dance performance was the best on Dancing with the Stars the previous night.

Guest and former Secretary of State, General Colin Powell visited the “Red, White, and View” to discuss whether or not he will indorse President Obama again or go with Mitt Romney this November. Powell also shared his views on the rules the winning candidate needs to follow to lead this nation in the right direction.  Members of the audience were gifted with a copy of his book, It Worked for Me.

the view

The girls on The View continue to offer up the top gossip points and interests that hold the attention of viewers. Next on the Tuesday episode, the ladies tried to share how movie lovers can save money at the box office this summer as they invited Mario Cantone to deliver his explicitly honest take on the hottest blockbusters that will dawn the screen this summer.

Tuesday’s episode ended with Whoopi going into the audience to ask about what irritating and annoying parts of their lives makes them ask, “Is it just me?”

kim kardashian kanye west

It’s Official – Kanye West Will Appear on Kardashian Reality Show

Let the rumors be substantiated as Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have confirmed they will make their relationship a part of their reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kanye has appeared before as a family friend, but this time his appearance will be as the new beau of Kim Kardashian. Kanye has obviously agreed to become part of the upcoming season of the show.

West claims to be elated with his relationship with Kim and according to the rapper star himself, has wanted to be her beau for a long time, stepping down his pursuit of the brunette beauty to allow her a relationship with ex Kris Humphries. West told Kim he would love to appear on the reality show if she wants him to. Kim has had reservations of having “her man” appear on camera because of the ongoing fiasco of her soon to be ex-husband, Kris.  However the reality star has decided to showcase her beau as he is scheduled to make several appearances on the program towards the latter part of the season. He won’t be onboard during the first part of the season. When he is on, it will be in a low key segment and not all about Kanye.

kim kardashian keeping up

Kanye’s latest hit released last week, “Theraflu” features West rapping about his love for the socialite. The lyrics are quite specific as Kanye raps: “And I’ll admit I fell in love; Around the same time she fell in love with him; Well that’s cool baby girl, do your thing; Lucky I ain’t have Jay drop him from the team.”

It was apparent that the 34 year old rapper would eventually be cut into the show.  With the duo’s supposed friendship blossoming into a full romance in just a short time, going public with many New York City dates and a thirty thousand dollar vacation, it was inevitable that he would eventually become part of the show.

Kim’s new man will make an appearance in the trailer that leads up to the May season premier of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Khloe and Kourtney exchange conversation at the opening of Scott Disick’s New York Japanese restaurant, RYU, in which Khloe tells her sister that Kanye and Kim are two peas in a pod.kanye west will be in keeping up

In an interview promoting the return of the reality show on E! earlier this week, Kim,  shares that she has learned the hard way that when you open yourself up and you are in love that happens really fast, it’s tough to involve someone else. Kim and Khloe attended the promotion together.  She goes on to say, she has known Kanye for a really long time, so that trust and how well you know someone makes it a lot easier.

Earlier the reality star reveals that she didn’t think that Kanye would really be on the show, but it is her real life so if he comes to pick her up or something and the cameras are there, they would obviously show him in her real life. She did go on to say there would be no intimacy – yeah right!  Just a few weeks ago they were just good friends too!  She goes on to say there’ll be no champagne and bubble baths, as sister Khloe puts her two cents in to say that she an Lamar do bubble baths!

sass kim kardashian

According to Kim, while the couple’s personal moments won’t be in camera, at least not yet, he has been very supportive of all her endeavors for a long time. She states that her man was on their show and came to visit their New York store at the opening to show his support.