Comcast Promotions For New Customers

Comcast can provide everything you need for programming, internet and home phone services in a single monthly package. This single monthly package can give you a single monthly bill to pay, instead of three bills to three separate provides. Ask about a Bundled service package that can give you monthly discounts and the great convenience of online bill pay for three services at one time. Comcast can provide money and time-saving features for your household and monthly budget. Hop over to for the current Comcast promotions.

Comcast can give you the fastest internet service around, with 105 Mbps. This service is available with WiFi that can support several devices at one time. This makes it possible to log on with a tablet, or laptop, or another portable device. With these devices, you can enjoy the online programming that Comcast makes available. There are a lot of shows to watch.

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There are benefits to choosing Comcast, other than reliable, high-speed broadband. This service comes with free online security that will help prevent hackers from getting your personal information. It can also block malware, like trojans, bots and spyware. Constant Guard has Parental Controls that provide a safer online environment by helping you block sites you don’t want your children to visit and by allowing you to monitor online activities.

Comcast can also provide peace of mind in the form of Secure Backup, which allows you to store your important documents and photos online, safely. This way, your computer’s hard drive isn’t the only place you have important files stashed.

Comcast provides a calling plan that offers unlimited local and long distance calling within the US, Canada and Puerto Rico, all for a set monthly rate. This rate also covers the calling features you need to make and manage your important calls. Comcast is an international provider, as well, giving you Carefree Minutes for international texting on your mobile.

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You have even more programming options than ever, with standard, HD and 3D formatting. Watch new movie releases in any of these, and get a superior experience. Check out the large selection of On Demand and Pay Per View for live action, Hollywood releases and more. Give your children the benefit of family channels like Disney and Nickelodeon. Get access to sports networks like the NFLRedzone, the MLB and ESPN, or watch HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and Starz.

When you won’t be home, record them to the DVR and HD-DVR. This equipment can record this programming, then play it back for you, when you are ready to watch it. It also helps you navigate through this programming with the rewind, fast forward and pause functions. These functions also work for the programming you can find through On Demand and Pay Per View.

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You can use the on-screen guide for navigating channels, and setting Parental Controls. The Parental Controls and the guide are easy to use, providing a safer, faster and more user-friendly viewing environment. Everyone wins with the current Comcast Deals, because Comcast provides something for everyone in the home, no matter the age group.