Michonne Adds Some Mystery to the Apocalypse

Something about Michonne had us hooked from her first appearance. Perhaps it was her valiant and shadowy entrance. After all, a hooded, Katana-wielding figure with zombie minions probably has a hard time not drawing attention. She also set the tone during this entrance by rescuing Andrea. Following her introduction, her personality has remained strong and enigmatic throughout the series.

Fans of the show have taken a liking to Michonne, who stands out among the rest. Her strong, dark features and unique appearance compliment her intricate personality. Her weapon of choice is the katana, and the show features plenty of scenes of walker decapitations at her hand. She doesn’t hesitate, she is never afraid, and she does what needs done. Also, katanas are much more exciting than gunfire, we must say.


On that note, Michonne also seems to have good instincts. Upon Michonne and Andrea’s capture and arrival at Woodbury, she immediately didn’t trust The Governor- and fans of the show will know what a great decision that is. She plays a big role in discovering The Governor’s ill intent and eventually stabs him during a confrontation. The stab through the eye with a shard of glass doesn’t kill The Governor (though it makes an impression that will never be forgotten), but she continues going on runs in an attempt to find him. She is obviously vengeful, and dedicated to her strong will. When asked why she’s looking for him, her detached self simply gives an “I don’t know”.

Other facets of her past and personality make appearances throughout the series, though. Her partner, Andrea, often feels saddened and frustrated by how little Michonne will share about herself. Some viewers likely feel this way as well, as Michonne is a popular character with an exciting role. Those who have read the comic series that The Walking Dead TV show is based off of will have some inside information, but we won’t spoil that here. Of course, things don’t always play out as in the comic, and nobody knows for sure what will unfold.

While her past is yet to be revealed, the show’s producers have done a stand-up job of weaving in hints. The most significant occurred after Lori dies giving birth to baby Judith. Remarks about there being no way to express a parent’s grief after losing a child cause a strong reaction in Machonne. Additionally, she begins crying when she holds Judith in her arms. Could she have been a parent in her past, and did she suffer the grief of this kind of loss as well? We don’t have all the answers, but that would be our guess. She also displays sensitivity throughout the series, trying her hardest to save others, provide comforts in some way, and taking huge risks to protect the survivors. She’s detached, but still has heart.michonne-walking-dead-sword

In any case, Michonne is a character to keep your eyes on as the season continues. It may be hard to top a glass shard through the eye, but something tells us she will continue making huge impacts as time goes on- especially since The Governor is coming back into the picture.

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