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Technology is prevalent in most homes across the United States. Television, in particular, is extremely popular and one of the oldest and most enduring forms of electronic entertainment that has withstood the decades. There are countless people who watch TV; the market for the industry is huge. There are 100 million television households, 35 million of them watch satellite, 48 million watch cable, seven million are LEC customers, 21 million are cable cutters, and 40 million consumers use Netflix. There are, of course, connected devices like ROKU and Apple, and connected televisions like the Vizio and the Samsung. Recently ESPN found that there have been three million disconnects in the past year alone. There are multiple reasons for this. Many people are beginning to consider cable as too expensive a luxury and are dropping it and others, particularly Millennials, are finding new more tech-savvy and inexpensive ways to watch their favorite programs.

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Currently some of the leading television companies are DIRECTV, Dish Network, Comcast XFINITY, AT&T, and Time Warner Cable. There is a completely new television service set to launch in the United States sometime in November. The service will contain live local channels, like like NBC, ABC, Fox, and CBS; national content providers such as Discovery, Scripps, and Disney-ABC; premium services like Showtime, Starz, and HBO; Sports programming such as local content, professional, and collegiate; music videos and music channels, and VOD—movies—including first run titles.

DIRECTV offers premium channels like HBO, in addition to DIRECTV HD Extra Pack, DOGTV, Playboy TV, Showtime, VIVID TV, Starz, and PENTHOUSE TV. DIRECTV offers Sports packages like Sunday Ticket, MLB Extra Innings, DIRECTV Sports Pack, and MLS. There are many packages at various prices. The initial price and package is 145 channels for $19.99, there are also packages for $34.99 for 220 channels, $39.99 for 240 channels, and $89.99 for 315 channels.

Dish Network offers local channels like ABC, the CW, and CBS, as well as over 200 channels in HD, specialty channels like Sony Movie Channel, GMC, Baby TV, Epix, The Blaze, Playboy TV, and Encore. Dish has featured sports channels like NFL, and NFL REDZONE, Goal Line, and BTN. For $19.99 Dish offers 55 channels, and the $39.99 package offers 290 channels.

 has the standard networks like ABC, CBS, and Fox. It has premium channels such as Showtime, Starz, The Movie Channel, Cinemax, and HBO. XFINITY has 3D and HD program options. TV Packages start at $49.99 for about 400 television channels.

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AT&T U-verse offers channels like ABC, ABC Family, Discovery, Fox, and others. It features premium programming like Cinemax, Showtime, HBO, Starz, Encore, and epix. AT&T has HD and sports packages as well covering NBA League Pass, ESPN Full Court, Fox Soccer HD Plus, and Gameplan.

Time Warner Cable 
has HBO, The Movie Channel, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz. It offers sports packages like NBA League Pass, Center Ice, TWC Sports Pass, and Direct Kick. Time Warner Cable also offers basic channels like ABC, NBC, and CBS. Time Warner Cable
Starting at $29.99 Time Warner Cable offers 200 channels. For $49.99 200 channels are available plus Music Choice Channels and On Demand shows.

The new television provider has a media vault where home movies and pictures can be stored and delivered on the cloud. There are no contracts, no professional installations, and everyone qualifies – there are no credit checks.

The service offers a basic package at $29.99 offering 175 channels and a premium service at $49.99 with 250 channels, both sports and movies.

This new television provider can be used on many various devices, such as smart TVs, game consoles, streaming media players, set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, smartphones and tablets, and PCs and laptops. It will work on connected devices, the PC and Mac, watches, Mobile iOS and Android, and on iPads and tablets.

This new TV service does not have any extra monthly fees nor any fees for set up boxes or DVR. It has true “video on the go” not “TV everywhere.” The product is 4K ready as content becomes available. It can be activated online and there one can experience the best online customer service. An individual is free to call support regarding sales and customer service. The new TV provider supports 5 simultaneous streams per account whereas Dish Sling only has 1. The content (United States programming) and streaming rights are set to expand internationally. The product is also the lowest cost solution to deliver LIVE television to all devices and connected televisions. It has proprietary technology, national programmer, and ISP relationships.

The awesome television streaming service will launch in November of 2015 in 15-20 markets in the USA. In 2016 the remaining markets will be launched, providing full United States coverage. Fall of 2016 marks the launch of international markets.

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