Everything You Need to Know About Nightmare Before Christmas’s Zero

Zero the dog is one of the fan-favorite characters from the popular stop-motion animated film, The Nightmare Before Christmas. In addition to appearing in the original film, Zero has appeared in various spin-offs and other media related to the Nightmare Before Christmas franchise. Whether you’re a new fan to the film or a diehard ‘Nightmare’ fanatic, the following is everything you need to know about Zero.

He’s not the only ‘undead’ Burton dog

Dogs have played a role in three of Tim Burton’s stop-motion animated films: Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, and Frankenweenie. In The Nightmare Before Christmas, Zero is a ghostly dog who is the loyal companion of Jack Skellington; in Corpse Bride, Scraps is the former dog (now a skeleton of his former self!) of the main hero, Victor; and in Frankenweenie, Sparky is raised from the dog by his young, science-loving owner after his untimely passing.

He makes appearances in several video games

The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie’s Revenge is a video game sequel to the original film. Although Zero doesn’t plain a main role in the story, and is not a playable character, the player makes use of Zero several times in order to sniff out bad guys and clues. The player can even visit Zero’s home during the game!

Zero also makes appearances in several Kingdom Hearts games, although is only seen in the background for both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II. In Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, Zero alerts the main character and Jack Skellington to any “Heartless” monsters nearby.

Nobody knows who provided Zero’s vocal effects

The barks, growls and other noises heard from Zero during The Nightmare Before Christmas film were voiced by an unknown person! To this day, the source of Zero’s voice in the original film is unknown. Some people believe that it may have been Bill Farmer or Frank Welker, who both performed work on the film.

the-nightmare-before-christmas-zeroZero was meant to parallel Rudolf

The character of Zero was meant to parallel aspects of Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer—and it’s not just his bright red nose that connects him to the most famous reindeer of all. Another parallel between the two is that it is Zero who leads Jack Skellington to the Christmas Tree door which leads him to Christmas Town and sparks his desire to make Christmas his own!


Think your dog is a celebrity? Let the world know.



Michonne Adds Some Mystery to the Apocalypse

Something about Michonne had us hooked from her first appearance. Perhaps it was her valiant and shadowy entrance. After all, a hooded, Katana-wielding figure with zombie minions probably has a hard time not drawing attention. She also set the tone during this entrance by rescuing Andrea. Following her introduction, her personality has remained strong and enigmatic throughout the series.

Fans of the show have taken a liking to Michonne, who stands out among the rest. Her strong, dark features and unique appearance compliment her intricate personality. Her weapon of choice is the katana, and the show features plenty of scenes of walker decapitations at her hand. She doesn’t hesitate, she is never afraid, and she does what needs done. Also, katanas are much more exciting than gunfire, we must say.


On that note, Michonne also seems to have good instincts. Upon Michonne and Andrea’s capture and arrival at Woodbury, she immediately didn’t trust The Governor- and fans of the show will know what a great decision that is. She plays a big role in discovering The Governor’s ill intent and eventually stabs him during a confrontation. The stab through the eye with a shard of glass doesn’t kill The Governor (though it makes an impression that will never be forgotten), but she continues going on runs in an attempt to find him. She is obviously vengeful, and dedicated to her strong will. When asked why she’s looking for him, her detached self simply gives an “I don’t know”.

Other facets of her past and personality make appearances throughout the series, though. Her partner, Andrea, often feels saddened and frustrated by how little Michonne will share about herself. Some viewers likely feel this way as well, as Michonne is a popular character with an exciting role. Those who have read the comic series that The Walking Dead TV show is based off of will have some inside information, but we won’t spoil that here. Of course, things don’t always play out as in the comic, and nobody knows for sure what will unfold.

While her past is yet to be revealed, the show’s producers have done a stand-up job of weaving in hints. The most significant occurred after Lori dies giving birth to baby Judith. Remarks about there being no way to express a parent’s grief after losing a child cause a strong reaction in Machonne. Additionally, she begins crying when she holds Judith in her arms. Could she have been a parent in her past, and did she suffer the grief of this kind of loss as well? We don’t have all the answers, but that would be our guess. She also displays sensitivity throughout the series, trying her hardest to save others, provide comforts in some way, and taking huge risks to protect the survivors. She’s detached, but still has heart.michonne-walking-dead-sword

In any case, Michonne is a character to keep your eyes on as the season continues. It may be hard to top a glass shard through the eye, but something tells us she will continue making huge impacts as time goes on- especially since The Governor is coming back into the picture.

The Simpsons Halloween Special

Nearly everyone knows of Homer’s love for donuts and Marge’s iconic blue hair-do. It is an astonishing feat that The Simpsons has remained on the air for the many years it has been on. One of the most successful animated shows, The Simpsons has been entertaining audiences and invoking laughter for over two decades. Surprisingly, it still airs new shows that are fresh in content and delivery. The Simpsons remain as enjoyable as ever, and the show will likely remain a cornerstone of animated television for years to come.

Recently, The Simpsons aired its Halloween special: Treehouse of Horror XXIV (yes, that does say 24). Considering many shows fail to last twenty-four episodes let alone twenty-four renditions of the same holiday special, one has to wonder if it’s actually any good. The answer? The Simpsons continually delivers fresh content, and the Halloween specials are no exception. While it may be difficult to live up to the great specials of Halloween’s past which featured Simpsons renditions of  “The Raven” and “The Monkey’s Paw,” this year’s special was as satisfying as one of Homer’s delicious sprinkled doughnuts.


An enjoyable opening (impressive to the max, actually- I would recommend viewing it several times for full effect) featuring spooky transformations and plenty of beheadings to satisfy more ‘hardcore’ Halloween lovers gives way to the three stories in this special. The first involves a twisted Dr. Seuss story featuring our favorite family. Homer plays the ‘Fat in the Hat’ (try saying that a  few times fast without laughing!) and shows up for creepy adventures with Bart, Lisa, and Maggie while Marge is away. They travel the town, accompanied by parodies of Cat in the Hat rhymes, and Homer causes havoc. He goes on a killing spree, terrorizing the town, until the end where Maggie impales him with an umbrella. It sounds much darker than it is, though this amount of violence isn’t too uncommon for the show. As far as dark humor goes, viewers will be satisfied at this twisted version of a well-known children’s tale.


The second story grows even more bizarre and begins with Bart flying a kite. To make a long story short, he ties the kite around his neck while he sleeps and gets beheaded by a passing helicopter. He awakes with his head sewn to Lisa’s body, and the two must learn to function with two heads. A humorous turn of events and a very comical ending rounds off this short story. It was very ‘typical Simpsons’ and good for a laugh or two. The third story takes place at a carnival. Homer is a strong man and Marge is his fiance, working as a trapeze artist. Moe plays a circus freak with a valuable emerald ring he intends to give Marge in exchange for her hand in marriage. Homer catches wind of this and tricks Marge into marrying Moe with the intent to kill him and acquire the ring. It was a personal favorite (quite a sucker for the sepia style, and the carnival theme is just the perfect setting for this kind of humor), though all the stories were terror-ifically well-done.

Renewed yet again for a 26th season, one can only wonder what laughs Treehouse of Horrors XXV will scare up. An IT parody with Krusty perhaps? Schoolbus ride to Heck? Even MORE heads rolling? Tune in to find out what season 26 will spell out for one of our favorite TV families. Hop over here if you are looking for a fabulous cable provider so you don’t miss any episodes.

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Have You Seen The Psych TV Series?

Shawn Spencer was raised in Santa Barbara by a family of police officers. His father is a detective, and taught him to be hyper observant of his surroundings. As an adult, Shawn and his father grew apart, and rather than following his father into the police business, he takes small jobs on the side to survive.

But his powers of observation continue to come into use. Shawn calls in tips to the police as a hobby as he notices clues and information through the newspaper or news reports on TV. One tip comes too close to the truth, and lands Shawn at the police station – arrested. The police are convinced that Shawn was an accomplice to the crime.

Thus begins Shawn’s career as a ‘psychic’ detective for the Santa Barbara police. His amazing powers of observation finally convince the police that he is indeed a psychic, and they hire him to help solve the case – the first of many! Though in reality Shawn has no real psychic powers, his ability to notice details that even the police department doesn’t notice keeps the rest of the force coming back to him for information.


But that’s not all. Enter Gus– a pharmaceutical salesman, and Shawn’s lifelong friend.  Once Shawn convinces Gus to be his partner, they work together on case after case. Gus’ more mature personality and Shawn’s rather immature, unplanned life work together perfectly, and though the police department – especially Carlton Lasseter, head detective – is skeptical, they can’t deny the fact that Shawn is nearly always right.

From decades-old murder cases, alien abductions to bank robberies and international criminals, Shawn Spencer and Gus end up right in the middle of the mess … and often at gunpoint. Their wit and uncanny ability of observation has given them a reputation as detectives, and like it or not, the police department has begun to depend on them with the toughest crimes.

Psych’s episodes begin with a flashback into Shawn and Gus’ childhood – as Shawn’s father, Henry, drills him in his observation skills with the hope that Shawn will follow him into police work. Unfortunately for Henry, Shawn does indeed follow him into police work … just not the sort of police work he was hoping for!Psych-shawn-gus-friend

A mix of comedy, crime and wholesome fun, Psych is perfect for the whole family, starring James Roday, Dule Hill, Maggie Lawson, Corbin Bernsen, Timothy Ormundsen and Kirsten Nelson. As Gus would say… you know that’s right!

Miss Nothing with Dish Network Satellite TV

In the past, people would stop what they were doing and rush to the nearest television just to be able to watch that epic fight between Mohammad Ali and Joe Frazier. Even if they would make it in time another problem was signal reception.

Back in the day, if you lived in a place with large infrastructures beside your house, TV signal reception would be bad that all that a person could hear is the audio from the show or sometimes that crackle that the television does when there is absolutely no audio received. A lot of people would resort to replays or going on their day hearing who beat who, or the latest gossip from other people.

vevo app dish network

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one click skip dish network hopper

Pressing the Guide button on the remote will take you to the channel guide wherein the user can see future schedules and can create a “playlist” of shows that the viewer would like to watch, you can even check what America is watching and what other people are watching at home.

Can’t search for that show? Hopper can do a smart search for you. It can even show the last four shows you’ve watched. It can even find the game you want to watch with “Game Finder”.

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Dish TV has a long list of on demand videos at the viewers has at their disposal.

dish multi channel view

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usa netflix

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shows streaming on the x1

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