Have You Seen The Psych TV Series?

Shawn Spencer was raised in Santa Barbara by a family of police officers. His father is a detective, and taught him to be hyper observant of his surroundings. As an adult, Shawn and his father grew apart, and rather than following his father into the police business, he takes small jobs on the side to survive.

But his powers of observation continue to come into use. Shawn calls in tips to the police as a hobby as he notices clues and information through the newspaper or news reports on TV. One tip comes too close to the truth, and lands Shawn at the police station – arrested. The police are convinced that Shawn was an accomplice to the crime.

Thus begins Shawn’s career as a ‘psychic’ detective for the Santa Barbara police. His amazing powers of observation finally convince the police that he is indeed a psychic, and they hire him to help solve the case – the first of many! Though in reality Shawn has no real psychic powers, his ability to notice details that even the police department doesn’t notice keeps the rest of the force coming back to him for information.


But that’s not all. Enter Gus– a pharmaceutical salesman, and Shawn’s lifelong friend.  Once Shawn convinces Gus to be his partner, they work together on case after case. Gus’ more mature personality and Shawn’s rather immature, unplanned life work together perfectly, and though the police department – especially Carlton Lasseter, head detective – is skeptical, they can’t deny the fact that Shawn is nearly always right.

From decades-old murder cases, alien abductions to bank robberies and international criminals, Shawn Spencer and Gus end up right in the middle of the mess … and often at gunpoint. Their wit and uncanny ability of observation has given them a reputation as detectives, and like it or not, the police department has begun to depend on them with the toughest crimes.

Psych’s episodes begin with a flashback into Shawn and Gus’ childhood – as Shawn’s father, Henry, drills him in his observation skills with the hope that Shawn will follow him into police work. Unfortunately for Henry, Shawn does indeed follow him into police work … just not the sort of police work he was hoping for!Psych-shawn-gus-friend

A mix of comedy, crime and wholesome fun, Psych is perfect for the whole family, starring James Roday, Dule Hill, Maggie Lawson, Corbin Bernsen, Timothy Ormundsen and Kirsten Nelson. As Gus would say… you know that’s right!

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