The Simpsons Halloween Special

Nearly everyone knows of Homer’s love for donuts and Marge’s iconic blue hair-do. It is an astonishing feat that The Simpsons has remained on the air for the many years it has been on. One of the most successful animated shows, The Simpsons has been entertaining audiences and invoking laughter for over two decades. Surprisingly, it still airs new shows that are fresh in content and delivery. The Simpsons remain as enjoyable as ever, and the show will likely remain a cornerstone of animated television for years to come.

Recently, The Simpsons aired its Halloween special: Treehouse of Horror XXIV (yes, that does say 24). Considering many shows fail to last twenty-four episodes let alone twenty-four renditions of the same holiday special, one has to wonder if it’s actually any good. The answer? The Simpsons continually delivers fresh content, and the Halloween specials are no exception. While it may be difficult to live up to the great specials of Halloween’s past which featured Simpsons renditions of  “The Raven” and “The Monkey’s Paw,” this year’s special was as satisfying as one of Homer’s delicious sprinkled doughnuts.


An enjoyable opening (impressive to the max, actually- I would recommend viewing it several times for full effect) featuring spooky transformations and plenty of beheadings to satisfy more ‘hardcore’ Halloween lovers gives way to the three stories in this special. The first involves a twisted Dr. Seuss story featuring our favorite family. Homer plays the ‘Fat in the Hat’ (try saying that a  few times fast without laughing!) and shows up for creepy adventures with Bart, Lisa, and Maggie while Marge is away. They travel the town, accompanied by parodies of Cat in the Hat rhymes, and Homer causes havoc. He goes on a killing spree, terrorizing the town, until the end where Maggie impales him with an umbrella. It sounds much darker than it is, though this amount of violence isn’t too uncommon for the show. As far as dark humor goes, viewers will be satisfied at this twisted version of a well-known children’s tale.


The second story grows even more bizarre and begins with Bart flying a kite. To make a long story short, he ties the kite around his neck while he sleeps and gets beheaded by a passing helicopter. He awakes with his head sewn to Lisa’s body, and the two must learn to function with two heads. A humorous turn of events and a very comical ending rounds off this short story. It was very ‘typical Simpsons’ and good for a laugh or two. The third story takes place at a carnival. Homer is a strong man and Marge is his fiance, working as a trapeze artist. Moe plays a circus freak with a valuable emerald ring he intends to give Marge in exchange for her hand in marriage. Homer catches wind of this and tricks Marge into marrying Moe with the intent to kill him and acquire the ring. It was a personal favorite (quite a sucker for the sepia style, and the carnival theme is just the perfect setting for this kind of humor), though all the stories were terror-ifically well-done.

Renewed yet again for a 26th season, one can only wonder what laughs Treehouse of Horrors XXV will scare up. An IT parody with Krusty perhaps? Schoolbus ride to Heck? Even MORE heads rolling? Tune in to find out what season 26 will spell out for one of our favorite TV families. Hop over here if you are looking for a fabulous cable provider so you don’t miss any episodes.

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